Gotta find me a cool custom background soon…

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Recently, I highlighted blogs and websites displaying custom colors and custom fonts, which you can enable on your own site with a Custom Design upgrade. Today, let’s look at a free way to easily transform your site: a custom background.

If chosen carefully, a custom background can reveal a lot about your site’s focus, as well as your overall aesthetic. I asked a few users about the backgrounds they’ve uploaded to their sites, and how they chose them:

Gherkins & Tomatoes, Biscuits & Gravy

Cynthia, the writer and photographer behind Gherkins & Tomatoes, Biscuits & Gravy, focuses on the cuisine and rich history of the American South. Her background caught my eye immediately — it enhances and unifies her image-oriented site.

Tell us about your custom background. Why did you choose it?

I downloaded this background from GRSites, which has all sorts of textures. I love the tiled…

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I like to fish in my homestate. Which is where I live. I have so many friends and followers on facebook which is this website I know. I like to read and see different advertisements. I only have as much money that I can fit into my pockets. I am currently on the go. Or am I? I live inside a box of newports with my best friend because I have no expenses. He is my current supporter. He introduced me to a computer. When I was first born. I own 3 flat screen tv's. I can both read and write.
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